Additional Information for READ 6265 Students


READ 6265 teams will take responsibility for editing two pages. Teams will add any resources as needed but also edit the pages for consistency so that there is a fairly uniform look throughout the wiki (similar fonts, headings, style). Here are the Team assignments:


Team 1  Nicole, Audrey, Kelly  Researching, Exploring 
Team 2  Lorna, Danielle, Kizzy  Creating, Lesson Plans 
Team 3  Lauren, Chris  Communicating, Research and Scholarship 
Team 4  Jessica M., Diedra  Collaborating, Front Page 
Team 5  Stephanie, Jessica H.   Sharing, Other Resources 




Here is what is expected of each READ 6265 team and/or individual in fulfillment of the Multiliteracies Toolkit Assignment and Multiliteracies Instructional Plan:


Toolkit (this wiki)